Chmura forecasts a 1.6% decline in employment in Virginia for 2009 and expects employment increases to begin in the second half of 2010. Housing permits will decline 18.8% in 2009, after falling 33.9% in 2008. Housing permits will grow by 5.5% in 2010.

Each year this Jefferson Institute's Annual Economic Forecast highlights a current public policy issue and this year it focused on Climate Change. Chmura's report states that there continues to be debate within the scientific community on the extent and the causes of climate change. This year's Economic Forecast discusses the economic impact of proposed actions to confront climate change - those that make economic sense and those that do not. Dr. Chmura served on the Governor's Climate Change Commission.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute is Virginia's premier non-partisan public policy foundation which refers to itself as a "solutions tank" since it seeks alternatives to current government programs and policies.

Read the complete Economic Forecast here


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