While the Nelson County Times pretends they do not carry any reports on events in Washington that do not relate particularly to Nelson County, their own editor wrote an editorial August 13, 2009 on national health plans which could not possibly take effect before the end of this year.  Yet they have made no mention of mass vaccination plans reported by Reuters to take place this fall --- including in Nelson County --- which were discussed in the attachment to my August 11, 2009 Statement to this Board, and which their newspaper received a printed copy of.

An update of that attachment, entitled “Camps for Dissidents Readied” is attached to this Statement, showing how seriously dangerous the present situation confronting our nation is.

There is further evidence of your violations of your oaths of office.  Most of your constituents have taken no oath to support the Constitutions of the United States and of Virginia.  Therefore they have no legal obligation to correct unlawful actions of officials in Washington, especially.    No person or persons, and no laws, compel them to do so.  (Although when I was in the military, for example, I was directed by higher officers that I had to follow orders and support the U. S. Constitution, which I was required  to take an oath to do.)

You, on the other hand, who take no orders from higher officials, HAVE taken oaths to support the two Constitutions.  Yet you falsely pretend that it is the duty of your unobligated constituents, but not yours, through elections or political pressure, to correct Washington lawlessness, even when you have officially been notified of specific transgressions of the law by these officials.  Thus you have no argument whatever to support your own dangerous transgressions.  For if NO ONE is mandated by some instrument(s) to take positive action to stop FLAGRANT Washington lawbreaking, there is clearly no hope for the future of our country or for any of us!

Regarding the unlawful conduct of Circuit Court Judge Michael Gamble in this matter, you and the public need to know that I WILL be filing a Complaint against him with the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.

The Commission’s Canon 2 declares in A.1.:  (QUOTE) “A judge SHALL RESPECT AND COMPLY WITH THE LAW....” (emphasis added) (UNQUOTE)  Judge Gamble has arrogantly displayed his disdain for the Posse Comitatus Act and the Constitutions of the U. S. and of Virginia by refusing to take necessary steps to comply with them.

Canon 3 declares in B. 7.: (QUOTE) “A judge SHALL ACCORD TO EVERY PERSON who has a legal interest in a proceeding.... THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD ACCORDING TO LAW."  (emphasis added) (UNQUOTE)  Judge Gamble, by unlawfully preventing me from making an appearance before the Nelson County Grand Jury, clearly denied me the right to be HEARD according to law.  His gesture in referring me to the commonwealth’s attorney obviously did not guarantee me the right to be HEARD according to law.

Therefore the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission MUST necessarily take disciplinary action against him.

And finally, I DEMAND you correct your violations without further delay, and STOP the unlawful federal militarization of law enforcement in Nelson County, by putting an appropriate Resolution on your agenda and passing it now!

That concludes my Statement.

Kenneth White - Roseland, VA

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George Kelly | |09-13-2009 21:34:51
I am happy to see that you posted the comments of Ken White, the president of the Virginia Tax Payers Association, that he made to the Nelson County Board of Supervisors at their recent meeting.
Ken is doing a great service to the citizens of Nelson County regarding numerous acts of corruption by some of the county officials. We need more citizens like Ken White pointing out the violations of the oaths of office by many of our elected and appointed officials in local governments throughout the State.