“I recently attended a meeting in DC, the CNO and his staff discussed BIG NAVY issues and specifically those that will affect the region and Virginia Beach.

“In addition to CNO issues, the Navy recently published a Plan for ‘Strategic Laydown’ of Ships and Aircraft, presenting other plans that need to be discussed.

“Other regions are aggressively addressing many of these issues, which if they succeed will have a negative affect on the City of Virginia Beach. Some issues are in the present defense budget, and the decisions are critical to the region.

“I met with Congressmen Nye twice in August to discuss and made suggestions on critical issues. (Hopefully the City did the same, and not just have the City lobbyist meet with staffs).  

“Money in DOD budget for dredging at Mayport, 1st phase of CVN move—USS Enterprise decommissioning, (go from 5 to 3 CVN’s, loss of over 6,000 personnel and possible Air Wing); 4 LCS ships in FY 10 and 4 in FY 11 will the east coast homeport be Mayport or Little Creek (this is a big deal for JOBS); Stand up of Cyber Command 10th Fleet, probably going to Fort Meade. (Loss of jobs from NETWARCOM Little Creek); Identify MILCON projects for VB military installations.

“In addition we discussed; OLF EIS, and issues that caused delay, besides addition of F-35; F-35 EIS, need to get out in front of this issue (consultants cannot help on this), the real DOD noise study and other studies need to be explained. Expect a push from North Carolina to have the F-35 C (Navy) based a Cherry Point. After all the hard work by the City, all could be lost; Discussed all potential growth for all commands in the region.

“Current issue, ARSR-4 radar at Oceana; I worked with Congressman Nye and Senator Webb’s staff on the issue. (In another life I was involved in FAA radar issues, still have contacts).

“After a detailed investigation and visits, recommend specific question be asked of FAA and the Air Force, this will allow them to do research and have answers for upcoming meeting. The staffs (Webb & Nye) are very well prepared for the meeting,

“Need to be pro active and take care of the DOD assets you have, take care of your base,” Metz told the council in a speech censored from public presentation.
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Reid Greenmun  - Developer cry "we need light rail!" | |09-10-2009 15:59:08
... the writing is on the wall yet City Council refuses to read it, understand it, and act accordingly.

Light rail is another developer driven misuse of precious tax monies. In a time of looming budget short falls, massive debt, and a economy hanging on by a thread, bankers like Mr. Sessoms refuse to respond in the best interest of the citizens of Virginia Beach.
Mike Barrett  - Chicken Little | |09-11-2009 10:11:15
Ah yes, we hear again from Reid Greenmun masquerading as chicken little. His solution to every challenge is to cut taxes, yet of course he continues to enjoy public services and was recently seen to be enjoying himself in the VB Convention Center, which of course he continues to criticize.

Fact is, Fred Metz is wise to advise that we be prepared for the changing fiscal and political environment. Never put all your eggs in one basket. That is why it is so important to stimulate commercial development in businesses that will cushion us in the event that we ever lose federal assets.

Of course, my contention is that we need to be prepared for a change in the status of NAS Oceana, and for me, a realignment of functions would be far superior to closure. MJB sends!