DeSteph wants to know what the consultant found. He asked Spore. Spore has stalled. He called Pittman who said he’d have to talk with Spore before releasing it. Pittman called DeSteph back and told him that Spore wanted him to ‘re-write’ the report and he couldn’t give it to the councilman.

Council, not Spore is paying for the report and DeSteph said he wants the unvarnished, un-retouched findings of the consultant. “We don’t want a version the city manager dictated that he produce.”

Therefore he filed a FOIA request on Sept. 9 asking for all working papers, memo, list of every individual interviewed, notes, copy of every version of the report written or re-written, all briefing materials.

“We want to know what the consultant found and thinks, not what he was told to report by the city manager,” DeSteph told VNS.

He said he thinks Pittman’s original findings will show that the MCG should be more aligned with the city council instead of the city manager. “It also recommends replacing the director (Mary Hancock) with someone more qualified.”

“At the present time,” DeSteph said, “the communications group is serving as a propaganda arm of the city manager.”

He said an effort may be made to put the media and communications office under the direct control of the council.

Asked what Pittman is being paid and what his background is for such a study, DeSteph said he hasn’t been able to find out.

DeSteph he isn’t the only member of council being denied information. He said councilmen Harry Diezel and Bobby Dyer have also sought information about the city’s relationship with the FAA over building height interfering with Homeland Security radar at Oceana.

“I want information on every meeting held, every briefing made, every email, note, memo, discussion that has occurred relative to this situation, but we haven’t received any of that either.”

Former Council woman Reba McClanan told VNS once that Spore treated her worse than not giving her information: “I couldn’t get a private meeting with him,” she said.

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