Wally Erb

There's been a lot of talk on radio and TV today following whacked X-prez Jimmy Carter's charges that SC Rep. Joe Wilson's shouting "that's a lie" at Obama was a racist attack.

It seems that if the politician is black then all criticism is dismissed as racial.

But now comes Wally Erb's blog featuring a 10 minute tirade by Author, Commentator James David Manning, PhD, on Obama. Manning is black.

He predicts a white revolution and calls Obama out as a 'Long-Legged Mack-Daddy, half-breed, two-tongued, homosexual, illegal alien.

Long-Legged Mack-Daddy? The term is defined here by Mavens' Word of the Day: "The expression mack daddy, as it is usually spelled, has a few senses. The earliest one, and the origin, is 'a man who is a successful pimp or violent criminal'.

This use was apparently popularized by an anonymous African-American song of the 1950s or earlier, celebrating (and titled) "The Great MacDaddy," a flashy and successful pimp. This use of MacDaddy as a name is probably from the earlier mack 'a pimp' and daddy, as a form of address in jive talk."

Folks, you ain't gonna believe what this cat has to say about Obama - everything every conservative has been saying, except the source here is black.

Click here for Wally's World to hear Manning's take on Prez Obama.

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