Catherine Crabillby Catherine Crabill - VNS columnist

What do we know about the reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton?

First, the complaints that no one was given any indication this was about to happen. I believe Comey knew he had to do this under the radar or be thwarted and/or conceivably ‘suicided’ or indicted for phony child pornography charges, (they use that a lot…), or in some other insidious way, discredited.

Second, the timing of the announcement by Comey was while Hillary was in flight to a campaign event. 

Comey timed it to make it as difficult as possible for her to respond until it leapt into the press.

During the announcement Hillary’s plane was full of press. She must have been alerted and conveniently and 'coincidentally' lost WiFi so that she wouldn’t be trapped like a rat forced to face questions she hadn’t researched and practiced her response to.

Everyone is desperate to figure out why Comey broke this news before the election. 

My hypothesis; Comey realized he had bet on the wrong horse. Anticipating a Hillary win, knowing the lengths they are willing to go to steal the election, Comey was willing to risk destroying the reputation of the FBI as well as his own for literal survival as well as hopes for a position in the Clinton Administration.

To his utter horror and dismay, his intelligence showed a Trump victory was inevitable. He knew that Trump had publicly promised, upon taking office, to open his own investigation into Comey’s ‘investigation’. 

Comey’s only play was to rescue himself by doing what he should have done in the first place, not only advance the investigation with the clearly criminal prima facie evidence against the Clinton's, but, hopefully, issue indictments against the Clintons for lying under oath, destroying evidence, obstruction of justice, etc.

That, along with the voluminous WikiLeak evidence of treason, sedition, high crimes and misdemeanors, and other innumerable felonies, should have had Hillary in handcuff’s months ago.

What is amazing is the deflection that has succeeded so far in minimizing the ample evidence against her.

There doesn’t need to be additional evidence. At this very moment she should be behind bars along with all of her co-conspirators.