It is as dangerous as it is disappointing; the calls to silence dissent and disagreement from those who’s arguments cannot withstand the scrutiny of critical thinking and documented facts. 

One of the greatest liberties ever granted to man by God was the liberty to disagree with Him. Imagine The Almighty condescending to allow the impudence of His creation to defiantly rage, “There is no God!” 

The Founding Fathers did not have to research history to understand the tyranny against the mind, the censorship of religion, conscience, speech, and thought.  They lived it, hence the establishment of the 1st Amendment in our Bill of Rights.

Today through the weaponized mind control of Political Correctness there are those among us, incredibly, even those who have sworn a Sacred Oath to protect our Freedom of Speech, who call for the silence of those with whom they disagree. 

In 1967, the CIA, endeavoring to shut down those who refused to accept their “official narrative”, those who refused to blindly trust their government, coined the term “Conspiracy Theorist”.  

It was effectively implemented to label such critical thinkers and fiercely independent, intelligent people as ‘kooks’, out of the ‘main stream’. Such people were to be ignored, discounted, belittled, and rejected. 

It has worked brilliantly. 

This mind control has been expanded to include many terms, including “Climate Deniers”. Those who bitterly cling to flawed, fabricated, and manipulated data to support the bogus claims of Global warming, Climate, etc., are now demanding that such ‘Deniers’ be imprisoned and forcibly re-educated.  I kid you not.

Which brings me to the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The reason for the 2nd Amendment, besides personal protection and a defense against tyranny is to protect the 1st Amendment, both rights given by God. 

Catherine Crabill - Irvington, Va

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