Re-establishing Government By The People … 

it has to start with replacing crony capitalism with a government that doesn’t pick winners and losers.

The first step is replacing Louis Jones, the Bayside District Council member who’s under the thumb of Will Sessoms, the first Beach mayor convicted of a crime.

Jones, despite what he may say privately, is a major supporter of bringing Norfolk’s “Tide-Tanic” light rail boondoggle and forcing it down the throats of Beach taxpayers. 

Despite the findings of the $6.6 million study which showed that the project WOULD NOT REDUCE TRAFFIC CONGESTION - by a single car…  despite the 1,125 daily ridership in 2034; despite the fact that the 3-mile project is estimated to cost the taxpayers $327 million, and despite the fact that Norfolk’s Tide is the highest subsidized lie-rail system in the nation, Jones wants to move forward with this blackhole disaster.

If you agree with Jones, keep silent. If you disagree, his number is 583-0177

Robert K. Dean - Virginia Beach

(Dean is a former City Councilman and unsuccessful candidate for mayor)

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