OK, tell me why this angle of the Brussel bombing / shootings is not being covered by the US main stream media (MSM).

Is it because the Brussels / Belgian anti-terror folks couldn't find the Paris shooter / bomber for four months when he had fled to his old neighborhood in Brussels?  Think about that.  The Paris attack mastermind was living around the corner from his parents' home in Brussels for four months undetected.

Is another reason the US MSM is blocking this reporting angle because Hussein Obama is releasing GITMO terrorists early and watching as they return to the battlefield?  Of course it is. 

The media don't want the easy parallels to be drawn between the two stories of early release of terrorists.

Media sources in Belgium are saying that 400 Muslim jihadists are currently in Europe and preparing for attacks.  About all we can do is wish the Belgians, French and Germans "Bon Chance."

They are going to need it!  Oh, did I forget to mention that we need a little of that luck too!

John P. Kuchta Jr.

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