Sometimes an obvious point blows right past us when we are too busy trying to take care of the bills to fully understand what we're hearing. 

Case in point.  This morning we heard that our CIA Director, John Brennan, declared in a very recent interview that the CIA will never again water board another terror suspect, even if ordered to do so by a US President.  

Read about it here:

What's the big deal, you ask? 

Well, in my mind, the fact that John Brennan converted to Islam some years ago is a very big deal!

Is Brennan's latest declaration on the non-use of water boarding a result of his conversion to Islam?  If I were a betting man, I'd have to wager that it most certainly is. 


Brennan is allowing his "slip to show" on this issue.  A Muslim is not going to use enhanced interrogation techniques on another Muslim.  It just won't happen. 

In effect, we are allowing Brennan's Islamic faith to dictate our anti-jihad tactics.  Is that good for the security of the nation? 

By the way, don't take my word for Brennan's conversion.  I learned about Brennan from a retired "old school" FBI, anti-terror warrior by the name of John Guandolo. 

John runs a web site dedicated to exposing the threats from Muslim jihad.   He asserts that Brennan converted to Islam after a stint with the State Department in Saudi Arabia.  John's the kind of guy I'd share a foxhole with, but you should contact him on his site and judge for yourself. 

For instance, John was warning anybody who would listen about the threat from the mosque in Phoenix where the two Garland, TX, shooters "worshipped." 

Oh, the FBI was listening to some extent.  The Bureau had the chief shooter under surveillance for some weeks before the attack at Garland; however, the surveillance was pulled as the suspect left AZ bound for TX. 

Funny how things like that happen, eh? 

John P. Kuchta, Jr. - VNS columnist

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