[Open letter to VB Mayor “I don’t know a conflict  when I see one” Sessoms] … 

OK, Mr. Mayor of Virginia Beach, Will "No Contest" Sessoms, how about you show some leadership and tell the feds to go pound sand. 

In my estimation, we are going to spend $330 MILLION on a light rail line that will not reduce traffic congestion according to the project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). 

Why not use that money to keep our little girls safe when they go to the bathroom? Why not reject federal funding if the feds demand such repugnant changes. [Click Read More below]

What say you Councilman John Moss? Will future edicts by the Obamabots demand that children submit to "gender examinations" to verify that they are using the "correct" bathroom? You think that I'm kidding? Who could have predicted we'd even be discussing this issue.

Will our Virginia Beach Mayor and City Council disappoint their campaign donors to do the right thing by our elementary school children? Of course they won't. I was just pulling your leg! 

There's not a shred of decency in the collective actions of our VB Mayor and City Council. 

They won't be embarrassed by their lack of leadership, AGAIN!

John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Virginia Beach, VA

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