by Larry Henry - VNS Columnist

Special to VNS

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Our country is being run into the ground by turncoats, Marxists, pussies, crooks, and fools. Political Correctness is the order of the day. Homeland Security preaches that veterans, Christians, and conservatives are a greater threat than Radical Islam.

Barack Obama refuses to recognize Radical Islam. That’s because he’s a Muslim at heart if not in fact. Hillary Clinton is a witch. I hear that everywhere I go … so it must be true.

Why did James Comey refuse to call for Hillary’s indictment? Why did Senator Corker shepherd Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal through the Senate? Why doesn’t our Republican House stop runaway spending? Why is unemployment over 10%, but we’re told it’s less than five? Why hasn’t Obama been impeached? [Click Read More below for rest of the story]

Mitch McConnell has no cojones. Paul Ryan is a political weenie. Leadership in the Republican House and Senate does not exist. The major media gives Clinton and Obama a pass every time. Benghazi is treated as old news. Clinton’s emails are of no consequence. Our faltering economy is called the New Normal.  

America could be oil independent. We could be exporting gas and oil. But Obama and Clinton won’t allow that. They’re beholden to their Muslim allies in the Middle East. Meanwhile, we’re standing on more oil and gas than exists in the Middle East.

Our United States has the most formidable Armed Forces in the world. Obama has reduced that to pre-WWII standards.

Our policemen are being gunned down because Obama blames them for racism. Truth be known, liberals are the most racist people on this planet. Liberals hate religion, free speech, our borders, the military, and our Constitution.

The major media, the Washington establishment, the K-Street toadies, and the socialist Democrats all fear and loathe Donald Trump. I can’t imagine why, can you?