[Editor's note:  Without question ISIS has the most interest in hitting Virginia Beach/Tidewater with a massive terrorist attack.  Virginia Beach is the home of the ISIS-hated SEAL Team 6 - the killers of bin Laden and many other top ISIS leaders.

[With its 'head-in-the-sand, niave and stupid politicians who squader tax monies on an unwatned light rail line instead of establishing a major protection plan for its schools, and other soft targets, a terror attack in Virginia Beach isn't 'IF' but 'WHEN.' our children, churches, and shopping centers will pop up as ISIS targets.  If Virginia Beach thinks its piddling planning is sufficient, then that kind of thinking only highlights its political reasoning for light rail. [Click READ MORE below for rest of the scary column ...

[Any 3rd grade-educated camel jockey could hit a civic center event of 1,200 people without resistance.  Think about it! 

[John Kuchta, our featured columnist who knows of what he speaks, has been sounding the alarm for more than a year and the politicians have remained head-in-sand and ignored him.  Here's his latest report:]


By John P. Kuchta Jr. - VNS Columnist

A little over a year has past since I wrote the following registered letter to my US Congressman, Scott Rigell.  Since writing this letter, two horrific attacks have been launched in Paris by ISIS as well as the Muslim Jihad attacks in Chattanooga and San Bernardino 

I continue to call Rigell a "Liar" on Facebook and Twitter since he promised me in front of 200+ voters at his Town Hall meeting in April 2015 that he would answer that letter and address my concerns about Muslim jihadists operating in Virginia. [He never has!]

All layers of our government are ignoring the obvious and that obvious fact is that there is a substantial corps of Muslim jihadists alive and well in America and planning our demise. 

Here in Virginia Beach, our Mayor and City Council have ignored the warnings of the FBI, DHA, DoD and even ISIS themselves that an attack on a soft target is coming. 

I have pressed for combat-experienced, heavily armed guards to be put in all our schools.  Instead of listening to the aforementioned terror experts, our VB city leaders voted to spend $20 million on obsolete light rail cars. 

The corruption in government is building an overpowering stench that the American people ignore at their own peril.