Ira White - Portmouth

Special to VNS

Last year in the Wall Street Journal, author Eric Metaxas wrote a popular article titled, SCIENCE INCREASINGLY MAKES THE CASE FOR GOD (December 25, 2014). It is not only this article, but its subsequent rebuttal in another publication that is profound. Mr. Metaxas, makes the case (quoting some scientists and academics, I might add) that the statistical probability of life and the universe existing without intelligent design is most improbable. However, in the New Yorker magazine, Lawrence Krauss responded, in part:

"Such a claim is fraught with statistical perils. In order for me to be writing this piece, consider all the factors that had to be 'just right': I had to find myself in San Francisco; the sequence of stoplights my taxi had to traverse in order to get me to the airport; the airport security screener had to experience similar coincidences in order to be there when I needed her; same goes for the pilot. It would be easy for me to derive a set of probabilities that, when multiplied together, would produce a number so small that it would be statistically impossible for me to be here now writing."

Does anyone see the problem? [Click Read More below for rest of the column]

The first writer is pointing out a statistical improbability for RANDOM occurrences. Krauss, however, has just listed "coincidences" that were all controlled by INTELLIGENT DESIGN: his design of being in San Francisco and departing at the right time to get to the airport, the stoplights built and installed to operate properly by design; the taxi driver driving safely to the correct location by design; and the security personnel and pilot all being hired, trained, and scheduled by design to properly assist his boarding and flying to his destination.

In other words, if Krauss, the stoplight manufacturer and installers, the taxi driver, the screener, and pilot had all been monkeys, the RANDOM probability of a safe arrival or even writing his article would have indeed been statistically impossible.

Everyone take notice – this is how liberals and atheists think. They are as blind to the absurdity of their own arguments as they are to the creation of the universe.