by Ira White - Portsmouth

Special to VNS

The new movie 13 HOURS on the Benghazi tragedy (Jan. 15 release) may be another hard glimpse into reality, but I hope everyone who needs to see it does if for no other reason than to be reminded of the consequences of politicians who care more about their power and elections than they do American lives and security.

The secrets have long been exposed that Obama and Hillary purposely pulled out Eric Nordstrom's specialized 16-man Libyan security team in 7/2012, refused response to the attacks on 9/11/2012, and quickly covered up their motives specifically to save Obama's 11/2012 re-election from his covert "Arab Spring" catastrophe.

Hillary's emails are still revealing more disgusting details including her correspondence and collusion with Sidney Blumenthal – longtime Clinton confidant, Clinton Foundation employee, and Hillary campaign advisor – to exchange "intelligence" on potential business contacts and contracts in Libya and the region.

Hopefully, the visual record of this new film will refresh a national consciousness that Hillary now seeks control of American safety and security again in 2016. 

The movie trailer says it best: "The story you were never told."