by John P. Kuchta Jr.

VNS Columnist

Would our Marxist / Socialist / Fabian / Commie Bastard-in-Chief start a war out in the wilderness when there is no life at risk and no property has been damaged?  Of course Obama would!  

Realize that this whole occupation began when a jury of their peers sent the pair of father and son Hammond family members to jail for three months.  

A federal prosecutor demanded that a federal judge impose a FIVE YEAR sentence on the father and son.

The Hammonds were doing a "Controlled Burn" on THEIR land when the wind shifted and 127 acres of adjacent federal land was scorched.  

The controlled burns clear-out dry undergrowth, it does not burn big timber. In essence, not a great deal of harm was done.

So, now we have armed citizens ready to confront a federal government that has gone completely off the reservation. [Click Read More below for rest of the column]

If the head of the FBI, James Comey, doesn't fly out there to negotiate personally with the armed citizens holding the wilderness outpost, then you can figure that Stewart Rhodes' information is correct and that Obama plans to slaughter everyone who does not surrender.

No Presidential tears will be shed for any babies killed in the coming assault.  Come to think of it, the numbers for 2014 just came out and Obama's pet project, Planned Parenthood, executed 323,000 babies.

Who shed a tear for those lives lost?  Certainly not Barack Hussein Obama.