by Sue Long - North, VA

VNS Columnist 

There is no doubt that most Americans would fight with their lives were we to be invaded by a foreign army. But it isn’t happening that way.  We are at risk of our country by way of legislation. 

The plan of the globalists, which is to merge America with other countries into regional arrangements, starts out being just an economic arrangement but then progresses into a political regional government which can then be merged into the United Nations forming a one-world government.

This is exactly what has already happened to the countries in Europe.  They signed up for the EU (European Union) with the expectation that they would benefit financially. But look where it has taken them.  [Click on Read More below for rest  of the column]

The European countries have lost most of their sovereignty to the E U and their economies are in a dire condition. 

The EU has far exceeded the common original expectations.   For just one example, the EU  has banned the use of thousands of nutritional supplements and herbal substances.

Indeed, Bernard Connolly, former EU official stated on April, 1996, 

“It has now become clear to us that what we thought was a Common Market is nothing more than a project to create a European federal super-state in which our sovereignty Britain’s national identity, would be extinguished.”  

The EU has set the protocol for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.)

We already have NAFTA which has been the major cause of many businesses going overseas.   And now awaiting a vote by Congress is TPP.  

It is packaged as a great sounding trade agreement.  But if that were all that  it is, that would require no more than one or two pages.  It actually consists of over 2,000 pages !   

This agreement would integrate America with eleven Pacific Rim nations.  We would be subject to the laws of this foreign governing body complete with a court to adjudicate matters.

The proponents of TPP argue that it is needed in order to counter Chinese exports.   And, yes, China is not included in the present line up of nations in TPP.  

However, what they don’t tell you is that China could be included later on, and there would be nothing we could do to prevent or veto it.

We have already had a vote on this by Congress.  It is unquestionably a treaty which requires a two-thirds vote by the Senate, however since Obama doesn’t have that much support for it, it has been named an agreement and submitted to both houses requiring a lower number of votes.   

Indeed, both just recently voted to give Obama a fast track requiring only a simple majority vote in order to pass it.   

It is imperative for us to prevent TPP  from becoming law if we are to remain a free and independent nation. We can learn from the experience of the EU.  

All persons of influence need to know that we are aware of the ruse – presenting the Trade Pact as a way to promote free trade – rather than the fact that it is nothing less than transferring American sovereignty to a regional government.   

So spread  the word and contact your federal Representative and both Senators  and get a  commitment from them that they will vote  NO to  TPP.
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