by John P. Kuchta Jr. 

VNS Columnist

If you've ever wondered how a rag tag army of savages have managed to elude destruction by the most formidable military force ever assembled, wonder no longer.

The following article (Exclusive: Obama Refuses to Hit ISIS’s Libyan Capital) details the US military's thwarted plans to hit ISIS in Libya will make your blood pressure boil.  

Why do my emails have that effect on you?  Is it because I tell you things that the MSM either deflects or dismisses entirely?  Yeah, I think that's the case.

Case in point, why would Pope Francis point his Papal finger at Donald Trump and accuse The Donald's CQ (Christianity Quotient) of being too low when Obama has allowed ISIS savages to sweep across the Middle East murdering the Christians that believe in the same Jesus Christ that the Pope believes in?

Why would Pope Francis not have chided Hussein Obama for allowing the carnage in Iraq and Syria to continue?

Why indeed?