Sue Longby Sue Long - VNS columnist

North, VA

There are those who define communism in lofty ideals - that it is the solution to the world’s  ills if only it were done right.  Also, there are those who believe that “communism is dead” in spite of the millions who live in communist-controlled countries; and, here at home, we have the alive-and-well Communist Party USA.

Communism is not new.  Ancient history tells us about the Ghouls in India many centuries ago, which operated just as communism has in more recent times, and the Illuminati, which is the precursor of present day communism, dating to 1776. 

 Through the centuries, little has changed.  The modus operandi varies somewhat in order to take advantage of circumstances that prevail, but the ideals and goals are the same.  The same ruthless philosophy is the foundation today of the tyrants who already rule and those who aspire to becoming rulers.  Stalin is a hero whom they idolize and emulate.

Nothing could be more telling as to the true nature of communism than the words of Stalin himself as revealed in Meditations of Joseph Stalin by Emile E. Watson written in 1952.  

Stalin’s own words are those in quotes in my comments that follow.

As an only child, Stalin was beset with disease and lived in poverty and squalor. His rise to power came when Lenin died in 1924.  “This gave me the rare opportunity not only to demonstrate my political astuteness and leadership, but also the power to take revenge by eliminating and liquidating those who ignored and held me in low esteem or opposed my ambitions.”

“Bolshevik power is not based on any constitution.  It is the general practice to consider the constitution…only as a convenience, not binding when any of it interferes in what I want and intend to do.

“My fortunes were at their lowest ebb in 1933 and my regime was threatened with destruction.  It was saved in November of that year by the United States government giving Soviet Russia diplomatic recognition.  

This made it possible to “build trade relationships that rescued our national economy from destruction.

“During World War II, the Soviet Union was on the verge of destruction.  The situation seemed hopeless, but the tide was turned when the United States provided billions of dollars of Lend Lease supplies for Russia.

“As for the ravages of the war, I had grave doubts that my regime would survive…how easily the armies of my Western allies could have marched in and taken over the whole of Berlin, much of Eastern Germany and the whole of Czechoslovakia, but were halted in their advance, in fact, to appease me, definite retreats were ordered.

“In the aftermath, I chuckle to recall how I jerked thousands of technicians and scientists out from under the 

very noses of the stupid Americans.

“It was when the war allies, including America, attended the Quebec Conference in 1943 that ‘the sentence of death was passed on freedom for the people of Eastern Germany, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Manchuria and China.’  This was done by giving Stalin one concession after another.”

Stalin states, “After World War II, the West, at my request, turned over to me thousands of displaced  persons and refugees from Russia and my satellite areas  - just another form of appeasement to me – surely knowing that they were sentencing them to a terrible fate…”

Soviet Russia entered the war against Japan August 8, 1945, two days after the A-Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. 

“I delayed this action until after I knew that Japan was completely defeated, coming in at the very last moment to grab most of the spoils.” 

“Chang Kai-Check [the then ruler of China] was almost the only one of my enemies who seemed to understand that it is disastrous to collaborate or negotiate with me or any communist.  I plan for the Chinese Communist government to follow the dictates of the Kremlin, subjecting millions of Chinese to the will of the Communist machine…by liquidating all leadership that opposes them and subjecting them to brain washing, driving out all individual tendencies, all loyalty to ancient traditions, especially the family, and shipping to Soviet concentration camps millions of Chinese slave labors.”

As for Korea, Stalin remarked that the US wanted their “fighting forces back home for Christmas. I would shed no tears if the Chinese forces in Korea never see their homeland again.”

The experience of Stalin’s predecessor Lenin, which called for “the nationalization of all industries and commerce, and of all land, subsoil and water resources, “resulted in production drying up.” 

Stalin acknowledged that the solution was to reinstate free enterprise, but “I deliberately outlawed the idea because it would interfere with my climb to power, the people of Russia being used merely as pawns.” 

Those who opposed him were “torn from their families, arrested as enemies of the state, herded like animals into cattle cars and shipped off to work in the slave labor camps in the north. Millions of them died from the cold, hunger and sheer exhaustion from the work imposed on them.”

“Every country I have taken over has experienced purges…even to destroy or to sending to my slave labor camps 60 to 75 percent of the population.” And, civilians were not the only targets.  There was also “the purge of 35,000 Russian soldiers” which Stalin said “had to be done. To promote communism I have had to be the greatest destroyer of men, women and children of the ages. When I or my successors achieve world domination all of the free minds of this planet will be destroyed.” (italics his)

As for deserters, Stalin opines that if they were believed there would be many more but since they are not, “this causes me no loss of sleep, because those deaf and dumb Americans do not have the ability to take advantage of an opportunity such as this.”  

This was written before Mr. Welch formed the John Birch Society and exposed communism for what it is, giving rise to a massive smear campaign in an attempt to destroy the Society.

To bring people into his web, Stalin appealed to the under-privileged.  “It is a hypnotic lure, despite the fact that it is a grand deception.”   How his ability to use others in undermining our Republic is stated thus:  The Americans “simply do not comprehend how intensely-planned Communism penetrates their labor unions, their government and their institutions.”

“The United States government leaders are still under the delusion that the friendship of other nations can be bought.  It cannot.  My programs of promises, which I never fulfill, is more appealing... The least of my intentions is to improve the status of the masses.”   Much of communist propaganda repetition is believed “because it keeps hammering away until many people parrot it and actually believe it.”

Through the United Nations headquarters in New York City, Stalin was able to “pour additional large numbers of secret agents into the United States under the protection of diplomatic immunity.  “I have developed a force of nearly half a million Communists and fellow travelers in the United States, plus hundreds of Communist-front organizations and their subversive publications, with little opposition.   Daily, these are undermining the moral fiber of the people, especially the youth.

“My comrades and their helpers have confused so many officials of the United States government that fearing to invite reprisals at elections, they have refrained from engaging in an open fight against them. My agents and fellow travelers are so deeply infiltrated into the fabric of the United States that they have become a powerful influence in government, industry, labor, education and religion.”

Since Stalin wrote this, there has been no serious effort to rid communists from our country.  The presidents could have done so, firing those in the Executive Branch.   

Nor has Congress investigated communist influence in the press, academe, military, movies, television and churches.

Isn’t it time that we did that?