Ira White - VNS Columnist

Portsmouth VA

As you ponder the most recent story on Rachel Donezal – the woman who identifies as a "black trapped in a white body" – you can begin to understand the warped activism of the transgender movement to indoctrinate children and open up all public bathrooms to any sex.

The issues here are about BIOLOGICAL SEX and ETHNICITY, but the transgenderism hoax trumpets the mantra "gender identity" as something equivalent to biological sex. 

But medical professionals are now revealing that it IS about biological sex and not a perceived gender, and that a psychological identity disorder is being politically endorsed by liberals, rock stars, and corporations rather than being acknowledged and treated for what it is. [Click READ MORE below for rest of the story]

And when the hoax targets children, it amounts to child abuse. (American College of Pediatricians, March 2016)

So if TRANSGENDERISM can arbitrarily choose a different "gender identity" despite "biological sex", why can't Rachel Donezal choose an alternate "ethnic identity" based on TRANSETHNICISM? 

Two problems: it doesn't forward the radical sexual revolution agenda of the LGBT movement, and blacks are more protective of their ethnic identity than apparently men and women are.

This is shocking considering that women should be especially averse to "biological men" choosing to invade bathrooms used by women and children, and we have already had multiple news reports of men doing just that based on the transgender narrative. 

The militant LGBT denigration of opponents has unfortunately succeeded in fooling the blind, silencing a majority, and dragging liberal cities into the sewers of their devious depravity.

So Bruce gets lauded as a hero while Rachel gets attacked as a fraud. 

The liberal and politically-correct LGBT hoax exposes the hypocritical double-standard. 

Everyone thought that the hoax was harmless until it targeted Christian businesses and pastors with lawsuits to destroy them, and now seeks to indoctrinate children into a new moral standard. 

Americans need to wake up to it before they fall further into the amoral hole where Europe now finds itself teetering on the edge of pedophilia under LGBT activism on "age of consent". 

Clearly, contrived semantics can destroy a society.