Dr. Harold Kornylak

His name is Dr. Harold Kornylak.   

His practice is based out of a quiet, isolated office. He has delivered babies.  He has done surgery.  Worked on an AZ  Indian Reservation for a couple years.  Taught at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE). He avoids drugs when other methods of cure and treatment are available. He is part physicist. He’s part engineer.  Part inventor. 

But most of all, he is an osteopath. 

Nothing about Dr. Kornylak is conventional. 

He has always been a rebel, starting in childhood in a family of engineers and inventors. 

When told by his parents at 16 years of age that he could not have a motorcycle.  He told his parents, “OK.  I’ll build myself a helicopter.”  Not sure whether they believed he could do it or not, he did it . And flew it successfully without a crash. 

One patient who had a progressively worsening neck problem waited to the point she had NO mobility or ability to turn her head left or right at all finally agreed to see Dr. Kornylak. 

The pain was such she could hardly allow her neck to be touched.  She feared there was nothing that could be done without prescription drugs, but after being talked into making an appointment with Dr. Kornylak after 15 days of constant pain, she went, convinced there was nothing an osteopath could do for her. 

Coming out of his office after  an hour on her first visit, she was asked, “Well what did he do?”  “He just kinda held my head,” she said. 

“Did it hurt for him to touch your neck?”  “No,” she said, “it was just like he didn’t do anything, but I feel a little better already.” 

On a 2nd visit a week later, she came out of the office after an hour and had 95-98% mobility.  “If I hadn’t experienced it, I would never have believed it was possible,” she reported. [Click Read More below for rest of the story]

And that is one of Dr. Kornylak’s qualities:  By not belonging to a Sentara or Bon Secours or Bayside Physicians practices where doctors are generally limited to 15 minute blocks of time with patients, Dr. Kornylak spends an hour with each appointment.  No hurry and no rush. He takes the time to talk with patients, discuss their needs and feelings, while manipulating muscles and nerves, and prescribing actions they can take to deal with their problems. 

He is an enigma - a deep and complex thinker, but not beyond understanding. His current hobby - not like mine or yours? Studying Eastern philosophy, thought, and practices. 

It you want hope for the future, ask Dr. Kornylak if there is such a thing as reincarnation. “Yes,” he’ll answer.  Not only does he believe in it, he says he has been able to document at least 16 previous lives or existences, he’s lived or passed through.  Try that conversation with your local Sentara physician and see what kind of answer you get. 

I was once referred to a major medical system’s neurologist/osteopath.  He walked in the examining room.  Didn’t shake hands.  Didn’t introduce himself.  Didn’t examine me.  Only read my existing medical record and proceeded to order more speciality tests - which I immediately declined and called Dr. Kornylak. 

Before the first visit I could not walk from one end of my house to the other.  After my first 1-hour visit I came home and went for a half-mile walk without pain. 

After another patient was treated (and cured) of a rotator cuff tear said Dr. Kornylak told him:  “You know what I just did?  I cheated a surgeon out of an $8,000 operation.”  So if you’re looking for a different physician, who sees you as you, and treats you as you, for neurological or osteopathic issues, you need someone like Dr. Kornylak who’ll get to the root of your problem and solve it - without prescription drugs (which he can prescribe if necessary), and a lot of mainstream medical voodoo! 

His business card appears on the front page of Virginia News Source.