The Department of Defense has blocked 4th District Rep. Randy Forbes from using the carrier, Eisenhower, for a public political rally under the phony guise of an Armed Services committee hearing. 

Forbes hearing was scheduled for Monday, but DoD objected to using the carrier as a site and backdrop for his personal political rally. 

It was a decision that Forbes should have known to be illegal use of government assets for personal political purposes. 

DoD told him he could conduct a ‘private, closed’ hearing aboard the carrier, but not the publicly one he’d planned. [Click Read More below for rest of the story] 

 Still several sailors objected to holding any hearing aboard the carrier at a time they are working almost day and night getting ready to deploy.  “It’s a major disruption to us during planning and preparation,” said one. 

'Carpetbagging' Forbes is moving from his original Chesapeake-based 4th District, because if was redistricted from predominately white to one that is predominately black, to the more ‘lily-white’ Virginia Beach-based 2nd District for political opportunism. 

He is opposed in the June GOP primary by Del. Scott Taylor a former Navy SEAL. Forbes has never served in military service, but as an Washington establishment GOP representative he holds several high-ranking military committee & other congressional assignments, which he's using to promote himself as an expert in military affairs. 

The Virginia News Source endorses and supports Del. Taylor in the  upcoming primary.