By Robert K. Dean

Special to VNS

And these are the numbers that we should never forget:

World War I - United States forces mobilized: 4,355,000 Battle deaths 50,585

Total allies mobilized: 42,188,810

Total allies battle deaths: 4,888,891

Total force mobilized: 65,038,810

Total battle deaths: 8,020,780

World War II - United States battle deaths: 292,000

Total allies battle deaths: 10,502,000

United States civilian deaths: 6,000

Total allies civilian deaths: 16,471,000

In addition, about 6,000,000 Jews were put to death by the nazis (Click Read More below for rest of story)

.Korea - United States battle deaths: 23,300

United Nations battle deaths: 64,700

Chinese and North Korean battle deaths: Est. between 1.5 and 2 million

North & South Korean civilian losses: Est. 2 million

Vietnam - United State battle deaths and MIA: 58,000

South Vietnam battle deaths: 223,748

North Vietnam battle deaths: 867,000