IWhiteBy Ira White

VNS Columnist

40 years ago, people would have said abortion providers will never be killing live births and selling baby parts for profit.

30 years ago, they would have said there will never be a national re-definition of the marriage sacrament for same-sex couples.

20 years ago, they would have said businesses will never be sued and shut down for not wanting to provide abortion insurance or make a "gay" cake.

10 years ago, they would have said a biological male will never be allowed to use a girls' public bathroom or shower because he "feels" like a female.(Click Read More below for rest of the story)

And today, they say that pedophilia will never become a problem because it is about protecting their children, and that makes it different.

They forget that in the past four decades, the Gay War Conference included changing "age of consent" in their broad agenda of rights, that the government and Planned Parenthood gave children the rights to contraceptive medications and abortions without parents' consent, and that children indeed have numerous legal rights in consensual decisions – even though parents insist they are not maturely prepared to make such decisions.

Pedophiles continue to point out that they too "only prefer and seek consensual rights" free of hostile intentions – just as homosexuals and transgenders only demanded endorsement of theirs with no intention of attacking the rights of pastors, businesses, schools, and states who choose not to endorse what they clearly see as amoral demands.

Pedophilia's success depends on the same blind or complicit groups who never noticed the news two decades ago on the rise of pedophilia in Europe when CNN reported: 

"Pedophilia is on the increase, in part because as traditional male-female roles have broken down, more men seek relationships in which they are unquestionably in charge."

Nor would they have seen the article a decade later in the LGBT magazine THE ADVOCATE after Amazon had reluctantly pulled a book from its store, THE PEDOPHILE'S GUIDE TO LOVE AND PLEASURE, in which the author "believed it was possible to have a loving, sexual relationship with a child."

The Advocate article (11/15/2010) contended that pedophilia is also genetic, that it is "a sexual orientation just like homosexuality", that they are "victims of nature", that only "a small minority" of perhaps 10,000 to 100,000 are acting on their desires, and that it "shows once again how incompetent our sexphobic society is when it has to deal with sex, sexual orientation, and sexual desires that are out of the mainstream." 

However, unlike other elements of the LGBT sexual revolution, the author admitted that pedophilia is a disorder, and that "there is a big difference between understanding (and even pitying) the people who are drawn into a behavior and justifying a behavior." But modern sexual activism is all about re-defining disorders as "rights", and justifying those rights in law and demands on all other citizens. 

Once they shift the definition of consent and the age thereof – just as they have sought re-definition of marriage, gender, polygamy, and adultery – pedophilia in one form or another will also become a right, and judges will rule accordingly in their "objective" authoritarian mode unrestrained by what they have decreed as "prejudiced social and religious opinion." The same as they did just three years ago on California's majority ban on same-sex marriage. 

From child abortion to child pedophilia and every other sexual revolution in between, it is all the same argument of rights and individualism. Unless an equally determined majority again assumes their rights and responsibilities against the judges and activists to restore the re-defined, I give pedophilia less than a decade.