by Robert Dean - special column to VNS

Candidate for City Council

"Socialism isn’t cool, unless it’s in Virginia Beach.”

From 8:30 a.m. (while the vast majority of the productive citizens are at work, this is when this event began) until I left at 3:00 p.m., I thought I was attending a rally to discuss how social engineering methods could be accomplished in order to achieve a desired outcome. This was achieved by using the Delphi Method in their attempt to brainwash the attendees, but it really wasn’t necessary, as 99 and 44/100 percent of the folks there were lapping up the misinformation and munching on the manna they believe is going to come down from the heavens to pay for the capital and operational expenses.

It truly was a transit love-fest for those who love to issue debt when they are going to reap personal rewards from that debt. (Click Read More below for rest of the story)

The USSR is alive and well with this organization (CONNECT).

Mr. Moss, as my Council representative, would you please request a breakdown on the charges paid for the use of the City-owned conference center on the second floor of the Westin; what was the method of funding for this event; who stroked the check for the event; were there ANY public funds used to promote this event or paid to the guest speakers for their appearance and travel expenses, including printing and advertising for the event? If so, they may have violated Virginia’s laws when it come to spending tax dollars to promote or oppose a pending referendum.

NOTE: I mentioned to two of the supporters from Richmond that when that city’s transit agency asked their City Council for funds to install bus-stop shelters, they refused, so in order to get the funding, the agency went to the Feds and got the green backs. Why are MY tax dollars paying for shelters in Richmond? This is a terrible way to run a railroad.

And if I heard the word “millennial” one more time before I left, I would have had to break out my barf-bag.