IWhite-croppedby Ira White - VNS columnist

I hope people realize that the reason the liberal political establishment wants open borders is twofold:  

1. To flood the elective with millions of illegal immigrants, become their welfare champions, grant them citizenship and the vote, and secure 1-party Democrat predominance and power once and for all. 

2. To prop up the ambitious agenda for an elite governmental alliance of nations that will consolidate their political position on a global scale, and assure there is a central hierarchy of non-sovereign leadership and laws to attain the necessary authority and economic control to rule the populations as they see fit. 

They actually believe this will succeed to the betterment of mankind because they reject consideration of how God has designed human nature in all people including themselves. (Click Read More below for rest of article)

In every instance of human dominance, however, they do understand that to secure ultimate and uncontested rule, they must eliminate God's influence in a desperate attempt to control human nature. 

The reason is simple. In their most natural condition, people inherently turn to God for the security and stability of accountability, unity, and wisdom. As a system of government grows ever more complex and isolated from the masses, its leaders tend to piously assume more and more responsibility for the existence and exemplification of those attributes. 

The more people fail to live up to the new standard of leadership's expectations, the more rules and enforcement that must be enacted to assure that those people, now "freed" from God's system of self-accountability, are enslaved to man's system of secular obedience

The shame is that the longer people are indoctrinated into this new system, the more they forget how God frees the human condition as they are conditioned to blindly trust a new deity's veiled promises to provide for their welfare and their needs. 

This is the inevitable aim of authoritarian rule, it is the ultimate outcome of the liberal agenda, and its futility always forces them into deception, corruption, and injustice to achieve their utopian goals. 

But our human nature and inherent connection with God cannot be irreversibly contained. 

The farther the government gets from the people - in mileage and ideology - the more the distance separates allegiance and identity to that authority. 

Man begins looking within himself again, and that's when he finds a better savior. Why do you think the rural middle of our nation, farthest from Washington DC and the liberal bastion of California, is known as the Heartland and a wellspring of common sense and self-sufficiency? It is because those people have found themselves better shielded from the madness, free to identify with who they really are and not who government says they are. 

You are now seeing this scenario playing out in Brexit and our presidential election. Whether Washington or Brussels, people are once again sensing the disconnect from our lives and our values. 

Our current election isn't about a candidate's capabilities as much as it is reconnecting with our own God given self-accountability and self-determination. Trump has merely been a voice uniquely louder than the liberal politicians and activists to remind us of that, and to shake us from the apathetic confines of authoritarian herding we have allowed ourselves to be corralled into. 

As nations rise and fall, God waits in the wings for people to come to their senses. He is well aware that, at some point, the conflicts and confusions of man's self-serving manipulations will break the camel's back of capitulation, and turn people back to sanity and civility. 

We know that government officials should not be above the law, racist radicals should not be assassinating police, men should not be using women’s' bathrooms, unborn babies should not be indiscriminately killed or their body parts sold to profit that barbaric industry, and illegal immigrants should not be flooding across our borders threatening our safety and resources while liberal government stands down legal enforcement designed to prevent the obvious and ongoing calamity. 

Now we are learning why they do it, and why they will encourage these conditions as an "ends justifies the means" approach to achieving their ambitious vision. 

The American people are finally showing signs they will not fall for it, and 2017 is showing promise as a revival - personally and politically, socially and spiritually. We can make sure it happens and for all the right reasons.