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Self-described as professional muckrakers, politically incorrect, and equal opportunity offenders, Virginia News Source launched on a bright sunny day, May 1, 2001 reporting the city was violating its own zoning law. The same sign law it had been prosecuting its citizens for by erecting a huge illegal billboard on Mt. Trashmore facing the Interstate advertising “Virignia Beach Open Buy.Com” golf tournament. 

VNS photographed the billboard @ 8:55 a.m., called anti-sign Councilwoman Reba McClanan at 9:15 a.m. Called City Manager Jim Spore’s secretary who tried to say the city had an exemption because it was a city sponsored event, but zoning enforcement officer Kevin Hershberger said, “We don’t believe the city can do this….It is illegal and we have ordered it down. By noon, the sign was being removed.  Score one for VNS & the citizens who’d been fined for similar illegal signs. 

More recently VNS did an investigation that cleared former House candidate Scott Taylor and current Congressman-elect of charges he was engaged in drug and prostitution by operatives of a political opponent. The VNS investigation and stories assured Taylor's election to the House of Delegates and set him up for a successful defamation suit against the perpetrators. 

VNS went on to report on the birthplace of country music, and was the only media present at the late, great Johnny Cash’s final public appearance and performance; exposed beach police illegally spyed on opponents of a proposed $55 MILLION captive dolphin tank, including running a pix of the ‘undercover cop’ sent in undercover to spy - the project failed and no dolphins were captured, but not before VNS exposed the city illegally destroyed court documents in the case. 

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Other exposes: 

  • Arrogant little ole Sch. Supt. Tim Jenney hired X-Congressman’s administrative assistant Jeanne Evans, who only had a high school diploma, as political lobbyist for $80,000 - VNS reported none of the legislators would deal with her and she lasted about as long as a fart in a whirlwind;
  • Jenney himself also bailed out after several VNS exposes, including one about him hiring a teacher to build him new house and then refused to pay him; 
  • Exposed that city proposed illegally leasing right a way for  Ferrell Parkway expansion was a sham, judge agreed and the case went to the Supreme Court where it also agreed the city plan was illegal and a sham;
  • Anti-freedom of information law, lawyer, angered by PETA, got his comeuppance when a proposed law change was buried in the General Assembly and died;
  • Insurance appraiser of hurricane damage to hotels owned by Ed Ruffin and Bruce Thompson said to have ‘acted more like Santa than Scrooge. Adjuster said his mouth got him in trouble approve $21.5 MILLION in damages to the properties; insurance company sued and got back $17.8 million from damages caused by opening hotel to ravages of hurricane;
  • VNS caught Lowenthal Furriers on Virginia Beach Boulevard using sprinklers illegally placed in public right of way to wet animal rights demonstrators and even handicapped citizens using the public sidewalk; 
  • VNS Interviewed X-Councilman Linwood Branch’s empty council chair when he refused to answer questions about getting hotel referral fees from Ruffin and Thompson;
  • Reported on a $20,000 council payment for a city song that wasn’t used;
  • See who got the coal mine and who got the shaft when City Mgr. Jim Spore doled out tax money to his friends;
  • Sodbuster subsidies - tax welfare payments to Virginia Beach farmers;
  • Check out the sodbusters’ tax subsidy database;
  • Council paid a consultant appraiser $271,000 more for development rights than the property was assessed for;
  • The Big Lie: How city officials lied to council and public to cover up 31st St. hotel deal;
  • VNS caught two council candidates misappropriating city property  to store personal political signs;
  • City Councilman Billy Harrison paid young girl $28,000 to settle sexual assault/harassment claim - VNS went to WV when the girl moved after the attack and interviewed her X-husband and obtained copies of papers that Harrison’s lawyer failed to get signed that would have kept the incident secret. The victim was charged $2,500 for a one - page letter by the lawyer Harrison got to draft the confidentiality agreement which the lawyer failed to get executed;  This is a sordid story with links to multiple related stories;
  • Then read how Harrison, Branch, and now convicted Mayor Will Sessoms got the Dubious Achievement Awards
  • Expose that VDOT had finished a major expansion of I-64 in Newport News but kept it closed for more than a year because faulty design whereby it wouldn’t drain;  so VDOT  covered up the error by not opening it to traffic and did nothing until VNS  exposed the story;
  • And VNS with roots grounded in its Hillbilly heritage and country music was the only media to attend the last public appearance and performance of the late, great Johnny Cash
  • You won't believe the many other stories we've documented where the incredible journalistic history of corruption and dirt in Virginia Beach politics and government are archived. See
  • VNS has had a good and successful run.  At one time the city’s information technology officer said that as soon as city workers came to work each day VNS’ hits/readership jumped by 9,000 immediately. 

Editors have had fun and forced many changes in city government.  Accomplished a lot in the name of good government and protection of the citizens

The venture was started by Morris Rowe, the Virginian-Pilot’s first investigative reporter, back in 1966; and former councilman Robert K. Dean and the encouragement & support of a generous mentor.  Along the way we picked up:

.  Darl Anderson, who wants to only be identified as a Viet Nam veteran ‘with an interesting career’; 

.  Roy Starrin, former C.O. of the Naval Amphibious School, Little Creek.  Eventually Dean dropped off when he re-entered political life.  Anderson stayed on as state and international editor and Starrin as national/International editor. 

.  Skip Summers served as the webmaster, keeping all of us digitally in-line and online.  He’s one of the best web designers and digital leaders in the business.  

Others who played invaluable roles are:

.  Tim Wise, an invaluable daily contributor from Arlington, VA 

  • .  Ira White, from Portsmouth,  a ministry sound and video engineer, author of a nationally published book, Audio Made Easy, and longtime local guitarist and singer with various Tidewater groups." who has been one of our columnists and a patriot;
  • .  Sue Long, of North, VA, columnist, a dedicated, fervent patriot 
  • .  Catherine Crabill, of Irvington, VA,  columnist, staunch conservative and patriot 
  • .  Larry Henry, author of 4 nationally-claimed books: Garden of Eden, Plato’s Cave, Noah’s Ark, and Against the Wind, VNS columnist writing from the shadows of the University of Tennessee
  • .  Last, but not least, Robert Dean

They were all invaluable contributors to whom we all owe a debt of appreciation. 

All are great friends whom I love dearly and hope I wasn’t too hard on them in getting VNS published - -  Mondays through Fridays of each week since May 1, 2001.  They've all done an awesome job and deserve the thanks of the readers of Virginia News Source.  They did everything willingly.  For the cause of good government and without pay. 

I can’t thank these people enough. Voluntarily rising EARLY, Mondays through Fridays of each week to scour the web and file their reports for a targeted publication deadline of 8 a.m. (we didn’t always hit the clock on that). 

You can reach the publisher of VNS @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations.

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