Virginia News Source published it first story on May 10, 2001 about the city erecting an illegal billboard on top of Mount Trashmore, facing the Interstate 264, advertising a golf tournament at its failing TPC Golf Course on Princess Anne Road.

VNS published the story and forced the city to remove the illegal sign within 3 hours.

We've come a long way since. People frequently want to know where they can find VNS investigative reports. Some are archieved on our current site. Others are archived 'offsite.' You can reach the 'old archive' from this link.

Stories since July 15, 2004 can be reached from the VNS home page menu at the top <Regular Features> to <local news> and searching for stories. Editorials and letters to the editor can be reached from the same top of the page menu.

Here are quick links to some of VNS' major stories:

The Agnew Saga: Conspiracy or Coincidence? A travesty of justice

The sordid treatment of Mike, Barbara Agnew and their family by the federal justice system was one of the toughest stories for VNS to investigate and write. It took more than 1.5 years of research and became a 12-part saga. But it isn't finished. More legal action is ongoing. Stories added at the end of the original series will have a 'new' designation to indicate they've been added since the original set was posted:

Recent Investigations