Two actors (besides Nimoy of course who is his usual excellent self as Spock/Spock Prime) who I felt stood out were Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard McCoy (“Bones”) and Simon Pegg as Montgomery Scott ("Scotty"). The producers/writers concentrated on the Kirk/Spock relationship and forgot or ignored that it was always Kirk/Spock/McCoy, and I felt the film could have benefited from giving more time to McCoy and the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship.

There’s a definite drive by the producers to make the entire cast younger and closer together in age. In the original, both Dr. McCoy and Scotty were older (middle aged) with Kirk/Spock being mid 30’s and the rest of the cast being younger. In this version, they are either still in Starfleet Academy or recently graduated. Dr. McCoy is probably the oldest, but I would guess his age as early to mid 30’s.

A couple of disappointments-
The best Star Treks always told a story or morality tale in a science fiction format, whereas this movie is purely sci fi action adventure-no attempt at any sort of deeper meaning or story.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying at the end of the movie we have the characters on the Enterprise ready for further adventures, but there is no way Kirk as a third year cadet (it’s unclear and possible that he finished Starfleet Academy in three years) would be given Command, But the intent was to have this young cast ready for further adventures.

Finally, my biggest disappointment was the Enterprise. Not the exterior, that actually does a nice job of combining features from the original television and later movie versions. It’s the interiors. On the show and on the sets utilized through the first three features, the Enterprise was as much a character as any of the others. Here the Engine Room looks like something from a 19th century ocean liner and the bridge looks like a bunch of lights and disposable.

But it was nice to see these characters back (although I really wish Shatner would have done the cameo written for him) and with Nimoy giving his blessing, who am I to complain. Do yourself a favor and see Star Trek.

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