However, he has been going more and more to the left since I left Pennsylvania in 1992 (and last voted for him). If I had been still living there in 2004, Pat Toomey would have gotten my vote in 2004 in the Republican Primary. Toomey’s decision not to enter the Pennsylvania’s Republican Primary for Governor but to instead challenge Specter to a rematch might have make Specter’s decision.


In talking to some friends in Pennsylvania, I predicted that he might run as a Independent, but I didn’t predict a party switch, especially after last month, when Specter stated “…[Democrats] are trying very hard for the 60th vote. Got to give them credit for trying. But the answer is no…” Mark my words, a guy involved in this was Pennsylvania Governor “Fast” Eddie Rendell.

So why the change, was it principle or a change in philosophy? My guess neither one.

Only one or two reports have mentioned that Specter started his career as a Democrat, but no coverage that I have read has discussed how he became a Republican. In 1965, Specter wanted to be Philadelphia District Attorney, but the incumbent (James C. Crumlish, Jr.), who by the way had treated Specter well and gotten him the assignment as Special Counsel to the Warren Commission wasn’t ready to retire. Specter was his Deputy and decided to make his move. He stabbed his friend in the back and jumped to the Republicans because they agreed to back him, while Crumlish maintained the support of the Democratic Party. Specter spent money and brought TV time never seen up until that point in a Philadelphia election.

In 2004 Senator Specter barely beat Toomey in the Republican Primary and he would have lost and lost big next year. He could have stayed and fought or at close to 80 done the honorable thing and retired. Wouldn’t you think at that age you would want to enjoy some time with friends and family. Senator Specter choose to switch, because was a way to win and hold on to power. It was and is a pathetic and embarrassing move to hang on to power for a little while longer.

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