Next, let's educate every single child in this country to understand precisely what the U.S. Constitution says and means so they can grow up to become good citizens and respect their history. Additionally, let's focus very clearly on educating young children on the limited capacity of government to satisfy them. Let's tell all of our children they are born into a country that was founded on some very simple concepts of self-government. They are born free. Government is inferior to them. As individuals they are challenged to grow up and become self-sufficient and responsible. That responsibility includes pursuing education. If that education is acquired in a public school they need to learn how to be an American citizen and how to defend that special title. Defending that title includes self defense. Self defense includes exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms - and I add "safely".

If, as American citizens, we are restricted in defending our God given rights, including exercising our Second Amendment rights, we have no rights whatsoever. Government which restricts the exercise of our rights, through the machinations of less than perfect men, leads ultimately to tyranny.

Many in this country have been led to believe that government will work to protect them from the "gun violence". Sounds okay except for this simple fact: the government cannot protect individual citizens from other individual citizens intent upon causing them harm. It is the government announcing empty promises of protection and safety which does more harm than good.

I challenge you to take just a moment and consider the following plan:

1. Early Childhood Gun Safety Education (all grades and all ages through graduation)

2. Increased focus in public education on constitutional rights studies.

3. Middle School level Self Defense Education including physical self defense methods.

4. Any additional age-appropriate training which can reduce the potential of becoming a victim of any crime or assault by any method.

Applying the capacity of government to teach citizens how to be more free and suffer fewer victims has the potential of changing the country for the better. This has not been tried.

Larry Hatch

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