Resolution Opposing Any Application from the State of Virginia

for an Article Five Convention

Whereas, the Mid Peninsula Tea Party believes that the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations;

Whereas, in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly session,  a bill is pending for our state to ask Congress to call a Constitutional Convention for proposing amendments instead  of proposing  amendments as has been done historically;

Whereas, in the past, Virginia Republicans found the idea of a Constitutional Convention so undesirable that they rescinded the previously passed bill calling for one;

Whereas, some people supporting a Constitutional Convention (now called a Convention of the States) believe that Article V gives the states the power to set rules or dictate policy in such a convention when Article V clearly gives no such authorization;

Whereas, the 1787 Constitutional Convention, the only such convention held to date, totally scrapped the Articles of Confederation, although they were convened for the sole purpose of amending the Articles and a convention today could follow suit; and it lowered the number of states needed for ratification having set a precedent;

Whereas, the repeated failure of legislators to abide by the Constitution is the problem with our overreaching federal government, not the constitution; and

Whereas, the Virginia government can use the Tenth Amendment to nullify unconstitutional federal legislation; and Virginians can vote out legislators who do not abide by the US Constitution, rather than taking the risk of  having Congress call a Constitutional Convention,

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Mid Peninsula Tea Party calls upon the Virginia General Assembly to oppose any legislation applying for a Constitutional Convention.