by John P. Kuchta Jr.

America, you know you’re in a bind when an international crisis develops and you are reminded that your CIA director is a Muslim convert.

Naturally, as a practicing Muslim, John Brennan can’t hold any nation that is Muslim responsible for not knowing its a$$ from third base, not checking passports, not having the foggiest idea where the missing plane traveled or its final destination. Nor could he speculate that a Muslim terror nation may have that plane loaded with fuel, hostages / passengers and a dirty bomb in a hanger ready for take-off to NYC or Los Angeles.

A hypothetical question from a reporter, ”Mr. Brennan, I’m sorry that I don’t know your Muslim convert name, sir; but, could you share with us how many CIA assets you have in Malaysia who speak the language and are reporting insider information to you, direct from the Mosques?”

“What’s that you say? Your convert name is Mohammed?” “Gee, that’s great, Mohammed; but, could you please answer my f’ing question?”

“Remember Benghazi and ALL the Traitors!”