Instantly there was a motion to adjourn - all in less than 5 minutes - until attendees and a lawyer saying he represented 106 of the attendees called for a point of order.   

Points of order were limited to 2 minutes, no debate,  and speakers denounced the heavy handed tactics of the mass meeting denying party convention seats to all but a hand-picked slate of 32 delegates to the 2nd district GOP convention to select delegates to the fall state party convention.

Dissidents contend the party plan, structure, intent was subverted through a parliamentary mechanism. 

The lawyer hired for the 106 party members seeking re-dress, was denied permission to speak and forceably escorted out of the meeting by Deputy Sheriff Dennis Free and another member -  removed from the room.  He was denied any opportunity to pursue debate on the position of the dissidents on grounds he was not a member of the city committee and had no right to appear before the city committee. 

The meeting, like the mass meeting earlier this month, was run with a heavy hand - comically reminiscence of Blazing Saddles where all the town’s leadership were related - in this case it was the Stolle brothers,  Sheriff Ken Stolle, Del. Chris Stolle, and Commonwealth’s Atty. Colin Stolle - who led Longo, and the party establishment in issuing rulings on Roberts Rules of Order and the party plan detrimental to the dissisdents. 

Was anything accomplished?  Absolutely, if you listen to the dissidents:  Come election time there’ll no longer be the traditional rank and file ‘political little dirtbag gofers’ to do the posting of signs and working the polls as the power brokers have relied on in the past. 

Instead if the dissidents are right - and some say they’ll step aside to allow Democraps to be elected if necessary to make their point - the GOP power establishment as it currently exists is mostly old gray-hairs, whose major contributions are breathing during meetings, donating a few campaign bucks, and eating donuts at the GOP breakfasts, they don’t do ‘grunt’ political work.  And they won’t. 

To a political reporter who brought down the reign of the Kellam organization - which had controlled Virginia Beach with an iron-fist for more than 30 years - and who helped it implode from similar powerbroker contempt for the rank-and-file lower echelon political members, the GOP is headed down the same road. 

Any organized, dedicated resurrection of the beach’s Democrat party should find fertile picking for future government positions among the imploding GOP. 

And this prediction isn’t without precedent:  After being afforded positions of unprecedented  power with the fall of the Democraps in 1960s and 1970s, the state GOP has already been wiped out by allowing the Democraps to retake the top 3 offices and the senate in the state.  Unbelieveable. And self-inflicted.  

Accomplished by GOP greed and ego.