A source told Virginia News Source:  “What if a young man, a high school senior at First Colonial, walked into the administrative offices on a given day, oh, let’s say, Wednesday, 23 April 2014, and declared that he had a shotgun in his car?  What if nobody cared?  What if he was allowed to calmly walk out of the school and drive off the premises? 

“Given the high profile violence at schools across the nation, one would assume that he would be tackled and restrained by anybody with any sense.  I guess common sense is in short supply at FC.   

“After the young man had an early morning run-in with his English teacher, he reported to the office to sign himself out.  While doing so, he supposedly blurted-out, “I have a shotgun in my car.” 

Our source went on to state:  “I’m not sure what the penalty is under Virginia law for carrying a gun on school property; but, I’m right sure that it’s pretty stiff.  

“Hell, I guess it’s mute because the kid can’t be dumb enough to carry the shotgun to school on Thursday, 24 April, is he? 

“In the UK, one of their favorite phrases is that a person is “as thick as two bricks.” 

“Who’s the thickest, the kid or the staff?” 

The incident wasn’t reported to police or the school administration.