IMG 1039by John Kuchta Jr.
VNS Columnist

When then-Senators Kerry and Clinton called Bashar Al Assad of Syria "a true reformer," I wondered out loud how much money that endorsement cost Assad. Fifty million, one hundred million or more? Think about that for a minute or two. What's the backing of a US Senator worth in dollars and cents?

Then, ponder the conflict in Syria that Kerry and his boss, Kid Chaos, hope to solve. In one corner, Bashar and his butt buddy, Vladimir Putin, are standing firm to secure Syria as a warm water Russian port and a secure land route for future Russian oil and gas pipelines heading north to the huge European market place.

In the other corner, stands Saudi Arabia and her puppet, the USA and the Islamic-based militias. Saudi wants Syrian territory for the same reason Putin wants it, for future Saudi oil and gas pipelines carrying Saudi oil and gas to lucrative European markets.

Forgive me, but even an alleged superior negotiator (?) like John Kerry can't bend the will of the global giants behind this conflict. But, hey, it's probably good for some heavy-duty deposits in Kerry's foreign bank accounts at some juncture.