Although a small segment of the property rights rally in liberty landmark Yorktown, VA (Wednesday, May 14) were opposed to the rally's purpose, they remind us that we all must look beyond the short term rezoning issue to understand its implications. Every time government makes another land grab, often for developers to line their pockets using taxpayer revenues, the people lose more rights.

Red light cameras have been proven to be nothing more than revenue raisers for city officials to funnel our money toward more such "well-intentioned" expenses, such as developments by cronies to build projects that never quite seem to attract the predicted residents or businesses. A locality in the development business is a government with too much money. In the free market, unsustainable projects would fail.

Enjoyment of one's property is key to a happy life. When Yorktown residents bought or inherited their land, they did so with knowledge of the zoning. We can abide by the existing laws and make concessions to each other to enjoy our neighborhoods, not gang up on people who want to use their land for small business farming and aquaculture.

Americans' rights are being ignored for uses that seldom prove to be for the people, but usually benefit a favored few.  

Cary Nunnally



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