Get over it! Obama is leading from behind.

Political Correctness, Nancy Pelosi, Hollywood, and Harry Reid are anti-American? Surely you jest! That’s the new normal for Congress and the White House helping us all to become Progressives. 

Our politicians are leading from behind.

What about the EPA and that CAIR group? The EPA must stop oil drilling and coal mining for our own protection. And those Muslim clerics will introduce Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty to the joys of Sharia law.

The Environmentalists and the UN are leading from behind.

Well then, what about those veterans who died waiting for medical treatment? Are you going to defend that too? The VA intentions were honorable. Those guys deserve a bonus for cooking the books to make the VA look good.

They were leading from behind.

Okay Wise Guy, explain Central Planning by the US Government.

That’s easy – we’re all getting it in the behind.

“And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made.”   The Sound of Silence / 1964

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