Those people are Muslim wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their goal is the subjugation of America with Sharia Law and Islamic domination.

Swapping five Taliban leaders for one US deserter was an act of treason. In 2011 and 2012 Obama had requested Congress to permit this, but was turned down for security reasons. So Obama did it anyway. Obviously, a backroom deal had been struck, and Obama carried through releasing the five killers. 

Benghazi: Five days in a row, prior to the attack on our embassy, Obama refused to attend his daily security briefings. He was out campaigning, and having a grand old time. That was dereliction of duty. When the attack came on September 11, 2012 Obama was informed, told his aides to handle it, and went to bed. The next morning he flew off to Los Vegas for another campaign event. Had it not been for those two Navy Seals who gave their lives, more American personnel would have perished. Obama’s indifference to security and loss of life speaks volumes about this man’s character. 

National Debt: Obama has doubled our national debt in just six years to over seventeen trillion dollars. In addition, he has drastically reduced our Armed Forces, and fired all of our top admirals and generals.

IRS: Lois Lerner was the useful idiot Obama used to help throw the 2012 November election in his favor. Others in on the act were Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, and Elijah Cummings.

EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency is one of many tools Obama uses to force Marxism down the throat of Uncle Sam. He wants to eliminate coal and oil, plus capitalism, while promoting global warming with cap and trade as a scheme for redistribution of our wealth, and central planning. Obama Care is more social trickery, more taxes, more red tape, and more government. 

Too many Americans have become flakes and parasites, 50% of them don’t vote. Lady Liberty’s welfare means little or nothing to these people. Of the remaining 50%, half continue to sing Obama’s praises following blindly in his treasonous footsteps like lemmings herding themselves off a cliff.

That leaves 25% who believe in God and country, meaning it’s up to us to preserve the American way of life, and our God-given liberties. Only 10% of the original Colonists rose up against Great Britain, and defeated the British Empire in the American Revolution. Keep the faith. We may be called upon again.

Larry Henry  4809 Riversedge Road, Louisville, TN 37777