Cantor became ‘irrelevant’ to his support base.  Not complicated to explain.  Cantor, like many others in Congress, have lost their relevancy, pure and simple.

[DEFINITION:   IRRELEVANT is defined as something that doesn't apply, or is not related to the subject] 

Cantor simply lost his relevancy.  VNS was queried about Cantor’s future 3 months ago and we said at the time, “Cantor will lose because he’s become irrelevant - not dealing with the real issues his voters wanted him to deal with.”  And as it was said it came to pass. 

VNS has received numerous calls from Tidewater area Republicans disenchanted with 2nd District Rep. Scott Rigell.  BECAUSE HE IS IRRELEVANT! Plain and simple. Hardcore supporters would like to replace him. 

EXAMPLE OF HIS IRRELEVANCY:  Here is an exchange the editor had with Rep. Rigell demonstrating constituent irrelevancy: 

1.At 9:52 a.m on June 2, we sent Rigell an email on his congressional response form regarding H.R. 2959 is the National Right-to-Carry reciprocity Act of 2013 as follows:  (He answered June 13).

“Scott:  Simple Answer:

“Will you cosponsor:  H.R. 2959?

“Will you support H.R. 2959?

“Request simple Yes or No answer without the standard ‘garbly-gook’ rhetoric congressional form letter .  I know the rhetoric.  I don’t know the answers.  Thanks.” 

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160 Members of Congress - 8 Democraps  &  152 GOP members of Congress are co-sponsors, including 4 from Virginia:  1st District Rep. Rob Whittman; 9th District Rep. Griffith Morgan;  4th District Rep. Randy Forbes; and 5th District Robert Hurt: 


That's the reason he won’t answer the questions posed.

I got the standard congressional form letter of ‘garbly-gook’ rhetoric and that NEVER addressed or RESPONDED to the QUESTIONS.  

Rigell sent back a 2-page,  263 word response - no answer to the questions - in 1.626 characters on 44 typewritten lines  (See the complete non-response here:  Rigell’s Irrelevant Response

This is the irrelevancy:  Can he not read the questions?  Did he not read the questions? Can he not understand the questions?  Does he not know the issues of H.R. 2959?  Is he beyond giving a simple ‘Yes’ or ’No’ answer?  What planet is he from?

His letter: 

1.Starts out giving me a history lesson on the 2nd Amendment - not part of the questions.

2.Says he opposes any attempt to infringe on the 2nd Amendment - not a part of the questions.

3.Instructed me that gun ownership is constitutional right, carrying … a high burden of responsibility - not part of the questions.

4.He’ll continue to support 2nd Amendment & protect lawful gun owners - not part of the questions.

5.Then he gives a political commercial for his website, his newsletter, and Facebook page - Don't care! Not part of there questions.

Now the definition of "IRRELEVANCY again? "Something that doesn't apply, or is not related to the subject".

Simple isn't it?  But not for Rep. Scott Rigell.  if he has a learning disabiity, tell us and we'll be more understanding.