If the president does nothing, or has no clue what to do, the process is unstoppable. 

The bad guys are moving in on those voids in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and even the US border that Obama has no interest in stabilizing, while Obamacare is creating voids in private healthcare – of doctors, insurance coverage, and medical options. Obama's economic policy is creating financial voids – in jobs, economic stability, and US financial solvency.

And administration intrusion is creating personal voids – in privacy, constitutional freedoms, and religious and moral rights. 

Yes, the bad guys here have been moving in for six years now. You can see Obamacare costs and regulations damaging people, employers, and the medical profession.

You can see our paychecks, financial security, privacies and rights dwindling.

But you don't see Obama hard at work trying to change any of that because it would be counter-productive. Instead, he's off to play golf and speak at another Democrat fundraiser while the voids incessantly multiply – exactly as intended. 

Ira White - Portsmouth VA

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