The law was originally passed to combat organized crime. Today, although seldom used against the Mafia, RICO is a common claim in federal courts, usually asserted by the purported victims of white collar crimes, such as mail and wire fraud.  (See: 

The notice of the suit against Wolcott Rivers was on P-6 of the classified section of the Virginian-Pilot Sunday.  It did not name the plaintiff, listing instead, only a telephone number.  And it does not indicate it has any official sanction from the U.S. Atty.’s office. 

The ad states ‘If you have been victimized by any of these attorneys, or any other attorney employed in this firm and you would like to give a sworn statement describing how you were victimized, contact (804) 454-5686.  This correspondence is from a non-attorney.” 

Attempts to reach someone at the listed telephone number was not successful.  The answering message states, “The voice mail box for this number has not been set up.” 

Friends of the law firm said they were skeptical  of the claims saying that the ad could have been placed by an irate citizen and may not have any basis in  fact or reality.