TEA: Taxed Enough Already. That's the way I feel. I don't want my tax dollars going to support illegal immigrants (note the word illegal), children breeding litters of welfare babies out of wedlock, and health care for people too lazy to work - just to name a few major wastes of money. How this philosophy makes one a candidate for Imperial Wizard of the Klan is beyond me.

It was one thing to witness such rhetoric from the party of Marx, Lenin & Barry, but this latest action down in the ol' Magnolia State pretty much confirms what many have been saying the past few years: that the GOP Establishment, particularly the Republican In Name Only (RINO) faction, also thinks little of middle class taxpayers.

Some pundits are calling the use of the flyer below a slick political move or are writing it off as politics as usual. I, however, see it as yet another example of the depths to which the GOP's RINO Establishment will sink in its sad and pathetic attempt to maintain power (those of you from Virginia Beach certainly have witnessed such action). Their playing of the race card in this situation makes them no better than the effete socialist democratic party. 

Perhaps TEA Party leadership need to be more pro-active in combating the RINO's and socialist democrats' innuendos. Someone obviously has thought of this (see second flyer below). A good counter, I would say, but one that requires much wider distribution.

Incidents like that taking place in Mississippi this past Tuesday should serve as the impetus for the TEA Party to develop into a political force majeure, distancing itself from the GOP. Until then, middle class taxpayers will remain adrift in a political purgatory, receiving only the usual lip service from the GOP and disdain from the socialist democrats. And along with that they will be the ones who continue to foot the bill for the jerks on The Hill.