Who killed Jack Korte on Dec. 28, 2008? 

The son of a Virginia Beach policeman who was named 93 times in the defense lawyer’s summation as driver of the death vehicle, but who never was investigated or called to the witness stand? Or Cameron Crockett, Jack’s best friend,  who was convicted of manslaughter after the fatal crash and has been sitting in prison since December 2012 ? 

Based on court records, Virginia News Source Friday will spell out, from the court records, the criminal case that sent Cameron Crockett to the pokey for 5.5 years for a crime he says he didn’t commit. 

Is this a case where criminal justice itself was criminal?  Was it sloppy police investigation?  Fraudulently presented evidence? Poliitical influence? Or all of the above? Nothing in the case is as it seems! National investigative TV has shown an interest!