Dr. Footsie

Dr. Footsie

It was back in July of last year that I got a query from Dr. Martin Marks, AKA Dr. Footsie, offering to do cartoons for Virginia News Source.  I first thought a California-based podiatrist calling himself Dr. Footsie and cartooning was maybe a ‘whack job.’ 

I love ‘whack jobs and I connected  with him and stuck up a a great relationship nstantly.  My kind of person.  

Of sound mind.  Off-beat humorous. A humanitarian. And a talented, creative individual.  We loved him out the gate. 

Dr. Footsie has enough of a whacky outlook and the creative, artistic ability to articulate the wrongs of the world in a delightfully humorous way.  That’s not to say his cartoons aren't biting.  They are.  They are effective.  In one upcoming cartoon, he depicts Obama in a cartoon entitled “a black eye on America," combining all that wrong about Obama’s failed presidency. Subtle meanings are hidden throughout his work. 

Martin is an extremely busy man, working with young people, fighting drugs, doing puppet shows, preaching a life without crime, and the truth about smoking ‘the tale of toebacco.’  

He’s as clever as he is off-beat and professional.  We just wonder how he has the time for Virginia News Source.  However, he does it, we’re thankful he’s chosen us as the publisher of his cartoons.  

Thanks Dr. Footsie for a great 1st year and we hope you’ll continue to bless us with your great humor and talent. 

Visit his website Footsteps Sports Club., Inc. for more information and details.